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Reply David Barr
12:42 PM on June 1, 2015 
Bernadette Gagne was my great grandmother. Henry Gagne was my grandfather. I am just wondering what the current status of the monument is.

David Barr
Reply MikeD
8:51 AM on March 8, 2013 
I'm an atheist and recently moved to Woonsocket. I just hope this city knows that Freedom From Religion does not represent atheists. Real atheists don't care one way or another about this monument. As an atheist it's hard for me to be offended by symbolsim that I don't care about or have any interest in. Freedom From Religion only looks for the small fights. Give them a big one.
Reply linda spinazzola
9:47 PM on August 7, 2012 
i am so very elated that you all are standing up to the few, who want all crosses removed! they use the lame excuse that these crosses are on government property...too bad! the only monuments they want torn down are crosses! the mojave cross, the mt. soledad veterens memorial cross, yours and any other they feel bothers them! what's next? arlington cemetary!! almost every cross has been standing in honor and the sacrifices made by our military, longer than these people have been alive or have been in this country! please don't give in to these nuts! i am very disappointed in ALL the churches in this country, all veterans, the vatican, and all believers; that they are not standing up and fighting back, like you are! it's time we americans to stand up and take back GOD and our country back!!!!! take back merry christmas, in GOD we trust! GOD bless america! i wish i had extra money i can send you to help. if i can do anything else to help you, please contact me.....linda spinazzola- 103 steiner ave. -hamilton, n.j. 08619- email:[email protected] may GOD bless you all!!!!
Reply Pat Marker
4:21 AM on August 7, 2012 
Don't give up the fight. It is time the silent majority is no longer silent. This monument is a part of the history of your town.
Reply D Yonda
2:30 PM on August 6, 2012 
Mrs. Bernadette Gagne and All her Sons were real Americans. they stood for US...... lets stand and be counted for them and American Values this next decade is the last chance...who's on the Lords side??
Reply Pat Hanham
8:04 AM on August 6, 2012 
Thank you for creating this website to tell the story behind the monument. I hope that the Freedom from Religion group reads the story and understands why the monument was created -- and then withdraws their objections. Your story is also important for all of us who might have forgotten about all of the men and women, including these four from Woonsocket, who have sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedom.
Reply Lana Jameson
6:51 AM on August 6, 2012 
I am sick and tired of being discriminated against because a I am Christian.
Reply Gary Azevedo
6:44 AM on August 6, 2012 
To the lone person in Woonsocket RI who is "offended" by the religious symbols at these monuments... get over it. Retract your objections and put this lawsuit away. I too am an athiest, but I believe one should learn to coexist and allow those who don't share my views some latitude. While I would prefer not to have religious symbols placed in public places, and definitely don't want them associated with me personally, I don't see any benefit from suing to have them removed from existing monuments. What's next? You gonna demand religious symbols be removed from places of worship because they are visible when you drive around town? Get over it. It's not that big of a deal.
Reply Joseph M Bellino
6:34 AM on August 6, 2012 
Our family stands behind you
Reply George bartlett
6:33 AM on August 6, 2012 
Mayor as I uderstand the problem, It is because the monument is on public land .May I suggest to just donate the small but important parcel of land to a private citizen.